Devilish Sticky Drummers

Sticky BBQ chicken drumsticks, made with our Tomato & Chilli Relish, served with mighty jewelled rice salad.

Serves 4



What you will need

8 large Chicken drumsticks
½-¾ jar Shaws Devilish Tomato & Chilli Relish

For the rice salad:
150g dried rice, cooked as per the instructions
2tbsp Sweetcorn
2tbsp Red pepper, diced
2tbsp Sultanas
2-3tbsp Shaws Mighty American Style Relish
1tsp Coriander leaf, chopped


1. Coat the Chicken drumsticks in the Devilish Tomato & Chilli Relish. Cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours to infuse the flavours.
2. Place the marinated Chicken under a medium heat grill and cook, turning regularly, for 20-25 minutes until cooked throughout. If available these are great placed directly onto the BBQ!
3. Meanwhile mix the rice salad ingredients together in a bowl and serve.

Still got some left over?

Dips for tortilla chips
Try a layer of chutney on your grilled snack
Use as a glaze over meat and fish
Add to your sandwich filling

Where can I grab a jar?

You can grab a jar of Devilish Tomato & Chilli Relish from any of the retailers in the list below.