Are your products gluten free?
Yes our Shaws products are gluten free.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
All our products are suitable for vegetarians, we don’t use any meat or fish on site (apart from Walter’s lunch of meat paste and piccalilli sandwiches). Only the Fig & Honey, which contains honey, unsurprisingly, is not suitable for vegans. Please check ingredients on the label, but all the others are suitable for vegans.

Are your products nut free?
Our lovely old mill site is totally nut free. We even check to make sure all our suppliers are nut free just to be sure.

How do I undo the lid, it’s too tight?
There are several methods to loosen a tight metal lid on a glass jar. The safest most foolproof is to put some very hot water in a bowl about 4 cm in depth. Put the unopened jar in this upside down, so the metal lid is in the water. Leave for 1 minute then use a tea towel to hold the lid and it should open much more easily. If you are impatient you can try tapping the lid on hard surface in a couple of places on the edge of the lid. This should release the pressure enough for you to open the lid.

Do you still make pickled onions and pickled beetroot?
Shaws sold the wet pickle side of the business in 1994 to concentrate on making some of the finest chutneys and relishes in Yorkshire!

Where can I buy your delicious Piccalilli?
We sell our Piccalilli to lots of farm shops and delis around Huddersfield and further afield. Such as the Green Valley Grocer in Slaithwaite, Taylors of Honley and Blackerhall Farm shop. Check the Heritage stockist page for more details.

Can I use your products once they been opened for more than 4 weeks?
We test our products to determine the optimum shelf life. The 4 week time frame is a safe guard as we have no idea how badly you might treat our products once opened, e.g. left out in a warm kitchen for hours, dirty spoons being dipped in or even worse butter and bread crumb coated knives!

To avoid having any leftovers after 4 weeks why not take a peek at our recipe pages.

Do you have any Kosher or Halal products?
We don’t currently certify any of our products to be Kosher or Halal specific.

If you can’t find a local stockist on our stockists page then please get in touch with us by calling 01484 539999 or emailing us at reception@shaws1889.com where you will be able to purchase products by the case of 6. We’ll confirm how much it will cost when we hear from you!