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We always love to hear from fellow foodies who’d like to stock our tasty products. Please get in touch with either Lesley or Michelle to chat through our range and find out whats best for you, their details are below.

Lesley Atkins

As a super taster extraordinaire when Lesley isn’t critiquing our chutney you’ll find her drinking posh coffee and eating even posher chocolate. She may also be riding her bike or roller skating down t’hill to work (click here for the video!).

Tel: 01484 539999

Michelle Heaney-Firth

Our Michelle is full of Irish wit and charm, living in Yorkshire so long she has earned honorary citizenship to God’s own county. She keeps us entertained and is always a whirl of activity, yet still finds time to enjoy life outside of the world of chutney control with a spot of tap dancing or whipping up a gluten free feast for her wonderful family, sometimes both at the same time!

Tel: 01484 539999

Shaws terrifyingly tasty treats for your halloween party
Posted byShaws 1889 on 17 Oct 2017

Devilishly Good Dipping Dishes

Simple Devilish Dip

Mix well equal parts sour cream with Devilish Relish for dipping. Also works with either mayonnaise, humous or yoghurt as preferred.

Deviled Eggs

Boil some eggs. Once cool, remove shell, slice and remove yolk. Mix cooked yolks with a tbsp or 2 of Devilish Relish, to taste. Fill the hollowed whites with the yolk and relish mixture. Top with a slice of black olives for an Eye of Newt look!

Severed Fingers

Frankfurters cooked and then make marks in the top like the picture and slice out a fingernail shaped piece. Fill some white bread with Shaws Devilish Relish and put the frankfur...Read full post