The Shaws family have been producing Yorkshire’s finest chutneys and relishes since Walter were a lad. We pride ourselves on our heritage and values and love now’t better than making those extra special, reet tasty additions to your family’s favourite foods.

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We’re proper proud of what we make and that’s why we believe in using only the finest ingredients combined with years of experience to make every jar of Shaws. The flavours in the Everyday range are a nifty addition to easy recipes and quick lunch ideas. If you fancy something a little special then the Heritage range is for you!

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Super tasty ways to use Shaws Chutney and Relishes that you may not have tried before. Lots of easy recipes and quick lunch ideas.

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Shaws terrifyingly tasty treats for your halloween party
Posted byShaws 1889 on 17 Oct 2017

Devilishly Good Dipping Dishes

Simple Devilish Dip

Mix well equal parts sour cream with Devilish Relish for dipping. Also works with either mayonnaise, humous or yoghurt as preferred.

Deviled Eggs

Boil some eggs. Once cool, remove shell, slice and remove yolk. Mix cooked yolks with a tbsp or 2 of Devilish Relish, to taste. Fill the hollowed whites with the yolk and relish mixture. Top with a slice of black olives for an Eye of Newt look!

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