Stockist in the Spotlight
Posted byShaws 1889 on 28 Mar 2019

Highlighting independent retail gems worth a visit

Green Valley Grocer, Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire

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10 Ways To Eat Chutney
Posted byShaws 1889 on 26 Mar 2019

We’re proper proud of our finest Yorkshire Chutneys and have been producing them for over 130 years.  We use only the finest ingredients combined with years of experience to make every jar of Shaws Chutney.   

We love nowt better than tucking into our reet tasty Chutney …it’s not just reserved for curries you know! 

Here are our Top 10 favourite ways of eating chutney…

1. With Cheese

Quite simply, eaten alongside cheese.  It’ll take your cheese board to the next level!

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