Read all about the lovely little Molly Pickles

Posted on 2nd March 2017

It’s time to meet Molly, the youngest child and only daughter of Mr and Mrs Pickles. Is she the sweetest little girl in the world? Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth – or would it?! Let’s find out through these questions we call Pickles question time! #PQT with Molly Pickles.

Q: Which is your favourite Shaws product?

I really love the Cranberry Sauce, mmm it’s delicious and my favourite colour, red.

Q: How do you eat it?

Well I eat it with lots of things but mainly for breakfast, stirred into yoghurt and on top of my porridge. Sometimes at the weekend mummy makes pancakes and I put it on those too. If Norman annoys me I put some in his cycling top pocket so he has to get it washed, ha ha!

Q: Where is your favourite picnic spot?

I like to go with my best friend for a walk along the canal in Slaithwaite to get away from my smelly brother and find a quiet spot to sit down there so we can feed the ducks the crumbs from our dinner and try to look for fairy rings.

Q: What do you do when not eating chutney?

I love knitting and crafting and colouring in. I’m knitting Norman a pair of socks right now, so he can wash his other ones more, so he won’t smell as bad.  I love to help my mummy in the kitchen too when she’s cooking and she lets me lick the spoon after making cakes.  Sometimes I tag along with Norman on his tandem bike if he promises not to go too fast downhill.

Molly Pickles

Molly knitting socks for Norman with Shirley the sheep watching her handy work!

Q: What’s your favourite crisp flavour?

I really love crisps especially on my sandwiches, cream cheese and chives is the best flavour. Sometimes I share them with my chickens.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Huddersfield?

I like all the fields and trees round here where I keep my chickens, Victoria, Elizabeth and Mary; the  bunny rabbits, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail; and Shirley the sheep.

Q: What can you not live without?

My animals, of course, they are all so fluffy, and cuddly, and lovely I have to give them cuddles every day.

Molly Pickles

Molly with her chickens and bunnies.

Q: Tell us a Joke…

Q: Why Did The Chicken Cross The Playground?

A: To Get To The Other Slide.


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