Work Experience @ Shaws

Posted on 22nd June 2017

Thursday 22nd June 2017

Work experience blog.


Our names are Harrison and Ruby and we are at Shaws in order to gain a sense of what it is like to work in a small business. We are working together as part of a work experience course as we have just left school after completing GCSE exams.

On our first day at Shaw’s we were given the task to create a piece of food art that may be abstract or obvious, in order for the customers to guess what the product is after only seeing the raw materials and original ingredients. We started off by collaborating ideas with some members of staff and we came up with four different ideas as to what to create with these ingredients. After choosing two of the four ideas we set of to create an image made from the ingredients.


Our first idea was a tree, sultanas represented the trunk of the tree and the branches separating off, it also had roots diverging into the soil, which was created from mustard seeds, paprika and ground pepper. Coming off the tree were apples made from small cherry tomatoes, along with leaves made from small pieces of apple. The tree itself represented the actual product which people can view to guess what the product is.

Idea number two, entailed the raw materials of the product been decoratively laid out. The vibrant colours allowed us to colour coordinate the layout of these ingredients giving the aesthetics of the whole piece a much needed boost. We incorporated every ingredient of the product into our piece of food art but some of the ingredients weren’t as aesthetically pleasing as possible so we set about improving the quality of these ingredients. For example the apple used in the product, we decided, was not as high quality as we were wanting so we decided to mold the apple into a swan, with much difficulty we have to say. Spices were lined up with similar colours near each other in order to complement the piece. We attempted to present the plums in an alternative manner by creating them into a small flower, this involved delicately carving the skin of the plum.


Our first day at Shaws, on the whole, must be claimed as being a great success and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time here and can’t wait for further jobs presented to us in the coming weeks and months.


Harrison and Ruby