Shaws brand new talking point!

Posted on 1st April 2017

Shaws have recently revamped the packaging of their Everyday Range of chutneys. Including a picture and signature of the first managing director – Walter Shaw – on the back label to show their 128 year heritage.

They have highlighted that the product is gluten free and included how best to use the product in your kitchen. Their most innovative change is to include a “talking” lid.

Is this a first?!

The lid features Shaws new mascot – Mr Pickles – saying “Proper Tasty”.  As well as the picture on the lid there is also the sound of Mr Pickles endorsing that his product is “Proper Tasty” in his broad Yorkshire accent. Go grab a jar and listen closely when you first pop the lid!

Shaws brand new talking point!

Its proper special!

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