Huevos Rancheros

Turn your breakfast flavours up a notch with this Mexican style egg dish

Serves 2



What you will need

4 Eggs
1 Mixed Beans, can
1 Avocado, ripe
1 lime (optional)
1 tbsp Fresh coriander, chopped
1 Shaws Mild Salsa jar
2 slices Sourdough toast
Salt & pepper


1) Heat a pan on the hob with a knob of butter in to a medium heat.
2) Crack the eggs, whisk and add to the pan. Stir continuously to prevent sticking. Season with salt and pepper
3) Once eggs cooked place on top of your toast.
4) Top eggs with beans, avocado, squeeze of lime, coriander, salt.
5) Dollop a spoonful of Shaws salsa over everything to taste
Buen Provecho!

Still got some left over?

Dips for tortilla chips
Try a layer of chutney on your grilled snack
Use as a glaze over meat and fish
Add to your sandwich filling

Where can I grab a jar?

You can grab a jar of from any of the retailers in the list below.